Our Votes Are Important

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With election season vastly approaching….I hope those who cast their votes do so with an educated ballot. Sometimes I wonder if folks take the time to see voting history of those who are running for office. With all of the major layoffs and a questionable economy…The next time a major lay off hits your community, and good jobs are sent overseas, remember to ask those who represent you in Congress how they voted on the attempts to shut down the perverse tax loop holes that continue to go unanswered & continue to encourage corporations to move jobs overseas.

To this day, I continue to ask why anyone would vote for this tax break? As an American… I am troubled by those who choose to hurt their fellow Americans by such an obvious no brainer vote, that would clearly help the people of this country. Needless to say, for many who continue to vote & support moving jobs overseas is just of course corporate interest doing what they do best…Profits over people and the same old status quo…Maybe, some think it is good policy, but as you & I know they are just dead wrong!

So I ask you, do you think these loopholes might have contributed to the loss of massive manufacturing jobs over the last 40 years? I DO! Often… when I engage this conversation with friends and family I am reminded that OUTSOURCING is just a new way of doing international trade… more things are tradable than were tradable in the past. And that’s a good thing, so I am told. Obviously, in addition to loopholes… we have the fact that jobs are fleeing this country as a result of bad trade agreements and special corporate tax breaks supported by this administration and those in the past. Corporations, Corporate lobbyist, or the US Chamber of Commerce all of course pushing to continue the tax breaks and incentives that drive this freak show which continues to erode this country even deeper.

Sadly… as I continue to hope that this issue will one day change course… I remain determined to remind the people of this country… that the power to make change is right in your pocketbook, & that you & I will continue to dictate the success & or failure of companies who continue to sell out the American Worker, for GREED & PROFITS while throwing us to the wolves!

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