Save America Buy American

Filed under: General — Administrator at 8:06 am on Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Make Our Own History….. These inspiring words still hold true for many Americans who while looking back are proud of the many sacrifices they made collectively to fight for what they believed was a way to create a better future for workers and their families.
Sadly, the once patriotic values that defined and built this country we call America appears to be all but gone. America’s lack of social responsibility has turned the land of opportunity into now the land of little or no opportunity. American corporations have sold our most precious commodity, THE AMERICAN WORKER to foreign soil for cheap labor. What I ask has happened to our moral obligations to take care of our own? Where is the might of our people who founded these principles here on American soil? Have we lost the power and patriotic values that once echoed through the mountains and valleys and through the neigborhoods of many who now live in the streets and destined to poverty? Some have said there is no power on earth equal to the power of free men and women united in the bonds of human brotherhood and sisterhood. So I ask, are we united?

As an American, I am deeply troubled by the controversy in finding solutions to the job crisis we are faced with. If we are to change this deep - seated cancer….. then we must take this action into our own hands as consumers and refuse to purchase any product and or services made on foreign soil, corporations will have no choice but to return the work to this country. Foreign Governments will have no choice but to create and maintain level playing fields in every aspect regarding fair trade. Foreign workers will have no choice but to demand their wage and benefits be equal to the American workers. Clearly, we do not subscribe to the notion that Americans must lower their standard of living to poverty levels to compete with foreign labor for work that was once ours exclusively.

We the people have witnessed for too many years the results of those who have been corrupted or influenced by money, power, and by lobbyist who love the “business as usual” and the “same old status quo” Save America Buy American would like to know if you the American consumer are ready to send a strong and unmistakable message to those companies who choose or have chosen to ship our jobs to foreign soil….. that we the American people will no longer purchase their goods until those companies bring our jobs back to the people who made them great….”The American People”!. I would like to know if you are ready for the fight? Together, we must save America and restore the possibility of the American Dream. What Do You Think?